2017 Key Climate Vote Survey

09.13.2017 50/50 Climate Project

The Key Climate Vote Survey (KCVS) is a resource for institutional investors seeking to better manage climate risk in their investment portfolios and ascertain how their investment managers are addressing this risk and promoting boardroom climate competence in their firm-wide proxy voting activities. The KCVS seeks to identify the most consequential 2017 votes on climate business risk shareholder resolutions and management proposals to elect directors and approve executive compensation. The KCVS then analyzes the publicly disclosed voting records of the largest global investment managers on these key proposals.

While the first-time approval of climate risk proposals by investors in 2017 marks a watershed moment, large fund managers are generally still voting against climate risk proposals that receive significant support from a cross-section of major investors. The 2017 KCVS identifies the mutual fund leaders actively addressing portfolio-wide climate risk in a systemic fashion through robust proxy voting programs. On the other hand, the KCVS highlights fund managers that trail their peers by generally voting in favor of management on proposals seeking to promote competent and comprehensive oversight and management of climate risks. Asset managers that lag their peers also vote in line with company recommendations even in the face of major board-level governance and performance failures, including on flawed executive compensation programs.

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